Steiner Star Swim finishes 2023 season with a splash  

Steiner Stars Swim put another successful season in the books as the Blue team won Division 4 and the Red team came in second in Division 1 in the Northwest Swim Circuit.  

“Over 440 kids between the ages of 5-17 competed between the two teams. Combined the teams had over 4,000 time improvements,” shared Scott Carter, vice president.

Led by longtime head coaches Diana Aleman and Jeff Fellows, the teams practiced daily and woke up before the sunrise on Saturdays to compete in meets.

The annual Star Wars meet was a huge success with both teams coming together in friendly competition with their neighbors and classmates. 

“The season was absolutely amazing and the amount of fun the kids had was immeasurable,” Carter shared. “Stars is a tremendous organization and a big reason why we are Steiner residents.”  

Registration for next season opens April 2024.