Former 3M site owner shares activities, goals, next steps with 2222 CONA

The former Four Points 3M site is now called Highpoint 2222 and after renovations will encompass 1.2 million square feet, according to the Karlin Real Estate website.

The 2222 Coalition of Neighborhood Associations directors met with Karlin Real Estate on September 20 to discuss current activities, future goals, and next steps of the former 3M site in Four Points off of RM 2222 and River Place Boulevard.

What type of tenants does Karlin want?

Karlin is building out the property to attract future research or bioscience tenants. They want to give future tenants the opportunity to lease high-quality and clean air facilities with upscale amenities.

What is going on now on the former 3M property?

  • On the main buildings, they are fully renovating the exterior facades. They are installing “new skin” outside walls with high-efficient glass. They are installing new roofs along with a superior air system that will allow for scientific research with a focus on high quality lab space. Interconnected courtyards are under construction.
  • At the Innovation Center building, they now have a sales and marketing center. The Innovation Center is the first building when entering the property off River Place Boulevard.
  • They restored the central utility plant and have hired a landscape architect that specializes in native plant landscape design.
  •  Karlin is continuing their conversations with Leander ISD to allow buses to temporarily cut through their property via McNeil Drive to Scotch Trail Road when the site is to a point that buses can safely traverse the property.

Next steps

  1.  Meet with their consultants at BOE Consulting Services, LLC to prepare for their traffic impact assessment – it will cover the increased amount of vehicle trips on 2222/River Place Blvd and nearby roads, ingress/egress access, commuter and pedestrian/bike impact.
  2. Review information on Karlin’s master plan – what density will be built and where on the property – when available. 

How you can help

Two more detailed surveys will be requested – one to evaluate your traffic concerns and patterns and the other to assess what the community wants in community benefit. 

Linda Bailey

for 2222 CONA Coalition of Neighborhood Associations