Palo Verde off Quinlan Park Rd. seeks site plan modification 

                                            Palo Verde at Steiner site information by Weitzman.  

By LYNETTE HAALAND , Four Points News 

Palo Verde at Steiner is modifying its site plan to remove a smaller pad site from its original plans on 8-acres at Steiner Ranch Boulevard and N. Quinlan Park Road. 

The site plan originally had three pad sites. The largest one with just over 34,000-square-feet was completed in 2021 with a two-story building. It’s home to Vaqueros Cafe & Cantina. 

Another 10,000-square-foot office building pad site has not yet been started. The third and smallest pad site at approximately 3,400-square-feet – which was approved for a drive through – is what is being removed from the site plan, according to Cosmo Palmieri, Four Points resident, developer and minority owner of Palo Verde at Steiner LLC. 

“We’re shrinking our overall square footage… and deleting that on the site plan,” Palmieri said. Plans are to use that for more parking. “We’re deleting that third build and picking up 22 parking spaces.”

Palo Verde is a little over 80 percent leased and has approximately 5,400-square- feet of office space left to lease, Palmeiri said. “We’re finishing up leasing on the current site, all downstairs is leased.”

There are no immediate plans to build the 10,000-square-foot site, Palmieri said. “Really the market dictates and it’s not a great time for office right now.”