Austin Mayor Watson speaks at River Place HOA


Four Points News

Austin Mayor Kirk Watson spoke at a River Place HOA meeting on January 23 to a large crowd, many who want increased safety and security.

Watson addressed topics that Austin is facing including homelessness, city affordability and the recent passage of Home Options for Middle-Income Empowerment or the HOME initiative. 

Safety and security, however, was the topic that drew the most attention.

“From the number of audience questions, (safety and security) appears to be the #1 issue with our neighborhood due to increasing crime from dusk to dawn,” shared   John Gillis, Jr., River Place HOA president. 

Watson shared with River Place residents his focus on filling the hundreds of open police positions. He also shared what he is doing for talent attraction and retention.

“While that was great to hear… our neighborhood would like to request: 1.) A night patrol car in the Four Points area (as the) nearest police station is 25-30 minutes away; and/or 2. Funds to contract off-duty sheriffs/constables to increase neighborhood night patrols,” Gillis shared in a follow up message to Watson. “We look forward to your thoughts on either of these safety/security options.”

Gillis also asked the mayor about the River Place tennis court permit approval.  

River Place leaders were thankful for Mayor Watson’s visit.

“We greatly appreciate his time, his approach to these tough topics, and his service to our city,” Gillis said.