Volente denies controversial short-term rental permit, owners threats lawsuit

L-R Village of Volente Mayor Tom Blauvelt, Mayor Pro Tem Tony Ruff and Administrator Lacie Hale attend the town’s May 16 meeting that was offered on Zoom. Blauvelt and Ruff, along with Council Members Kit Hopkins and Mark Metro voted to deny a short-term rental permit for a 6,568-square-foot home within the Village. Residents voiced concern over loud noise and partying coming from the home late at night.
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Vandegrift Class of 2023 Senior Walks

The Class of 2023 students visited local elementary schools on May 24 for the ceremonial Senior Walks. Here are some photos from Grandview Hills Elementary, Laura W. Bush Elementary, River Place Elementary, River Ridge Elementary and Steiner Ranch Elementary.

Photos were submitted by principals, parents and taken by Lynette Haaland. There’s room for more so please email Lynette@FourPointsNews.com

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Volente denies controversial short-term rental permit

Volente City Council voted on May 16 to deny a conditional use permit that would have paved the way for a controversial short-term rental to reopen at 16601 Jackson Street, Volente. Map from Google Maps

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