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Four Points area ripe for catastrophic wildfires Officials, experts take to local roads for wildfire assessment

California firefighters say there are similarities to Golden State

By LESLEE BASSMAN, Four Points News

Eric Garcia, who has lived off City Park Road for 15 years, said he was first attracted to the heavily-wooded area because of its natural beauty. But, on Wednesday, he took to neighborhood streets with fire fighting experts in an effort to become better educated on actions he and his family need to take to guard against what officials tout as an inevitable wildfire destined to strike the peaceful community.

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Official warns Central Texas could see greater risk of wildfire in late summer

Communities urged to remain vigilant about wildfire risk


Four Points News

Although rain has been in the Austin-area forecast for weeks now, local and state officials assembled May 15 at River Place Country Club to inform residents that the regional danger for wildfires still exists later in the year.

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