SailPoint navigates new headquarters, growth, IPO

Tech security company to grow in Four Points

By LESLEE BASSMAN, Four Points News

After issuing its initial public offering in November and signing a lease for a new corporate headquarters shortly thereafter, Four Points-based SailPoint Technologies is focused on the company’s expanding growth.

The company currently leases space in two building sites—45,000-square-feet in its original Four Points Centre location and 56,000-square-feet at Ladera Bend, off RM 2222—that will be condensed into a single new building now under construction off Four Points Drive, Vice President of Human Resources Abby Payne said.

“We are leasing this new space to accommodate future employee growth, as we think about expansion in Austin for 2018 and beyond,” she said. “The building is underway. We expect we will consolidate our headquarters out of the two buildings and into this third, new building, sometime in the spring of 2019.”

SailPoint is an enterprise software company focused on security. It was founded in Austin in 2005 to help companies manage which of their employees have access to specific internal information, and what the employees are doing with that information, Payne said.

At its Austin headquarters, its employee count grew from 260 in 2016 to 389 in 2017, she said. Globally, the organization maintains about 800 employees.

Besides enabling the Austin personnel to be assembled under one roof, the new building will be able to host company training, customer visits and other external events, Payne said.

But retaining a Four Points headquarters was always an option for the project, she said.

“We found that our employees really value this location,” Paynes said. “It’s close to many of the neighborhoods where folks live. It’s close to great schools. We have found that the development of both commercial and retail (in the Four Points area) have been beneficial to our folks. We have people who walk over for lunch to Starbucks or H-E-B. So, to be able to have accessibility to some of the neighborhood locations as well as walkability to retail or lunch locations really is a benefit to our employee population that I think they value.”

She said “a good amount” of the company’s employees live in Steiner Ranch, River Place or areas along RM 620.

However, Payne agreed that the RM 620 at RM 2222 intersection can be an issue for commuters, as well as the entirety of the Austin region. She said SailPoint offers some flexibility for its employees to determine their work hours, a perk that helps with the local traffic congestion.

“I think everybody feels challenged by the traffic in Austin, just generally,” Payne said. “Some folks come in a little bit later to miss that traffic rush (at RM 620 at RM 2222) and some folks leave a little earlier or a little later. I think the overall notion for us is that we know traffic in Austin is an issue and we want to give people the freedom to be able to work how and when they can best do their role so we don’t want traffic to play a part in that. We’ll see people coming and going from both of our facilities currently and, in the spring of next year, from the single (building), at different times of the day for that exact reason.”