Local resident grabbed screen shots of Wyzykowski prior to social media pages being taken down

Austin Police Department has not yet released the booking photo of Nicholas Wyzykowski, who is charged with 19 felony charges including two counts of manslaughter and two counts of intoxication manslaughter after rear-ending Peggy Howard’s car on Friday night, killing her and later her son, Cale.

APD is holding a press conference today about the accident.

Reports say Wyzykowski, of the nearby Canyon Creek area, tried to flee the scene after hitting a second vehicle and that he was only wearing a towel. The investigating officer at the accident reported that Wyzykowski was “uncooperative, indifferent and cocky.” He told officers they could get his blood sample from an attorney in a few days.

These are screen shots of Nicholas Wyzykowski’s social pages grabbed by a local resident before they were taken down. She could not get his Facebook page, which was already taken down. 


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