LCRA opens 3 Mansfield floodgates

The Lower Colorado River Authority opened three floodgates at Mansfield Dam on Memorial Day evening and warns the community about strong and swift flows.

“Flows in the Highland Lakes and lower Colorado River will be strong and swift, and anyone on or near the water should exercise extreme caution and should take precautions to protect people and property,” said Clara Tuma, LCRA spokesperson.

Floodgate operations along the Highland Lakes are increasing in response to rain that fell north of the Highland Lakes over the weekend.

“We expect the three floodgates to remain open for at least a couple of days. The exact timing depends on rainfall, inflows, etc.,” Tuma said.

On Monday evening, floodgate operations began at Mansfield Dam with three floodgates opened at 5 p.m., 7 p.m. and 9 p.m.

In response to the increased releases from Mansfield Dam, additional floodgates were opened at Tom Miller Dam on Monday evening. Two floodgates were fully opened and a third was partially opened.

Floodgate operations remain underway at Buchanan, Wirtz, Starcke and Tom Miller dams. Water continues to flow over the spillway at Inks Dam, as it is designed to do during periods of high flow. Inks Dam does not have any floodgates, Tuma said.

In addition, hydroelectric generation continues at each of the dams along the Highland Lakes.

The ground throughout the lower Colorado River basin is saturated, and additional rain could quickly cause additional flooding and the need for additional floodgate operations. Conditions could change quickly with additional rainfall.

LCRA is closely monitoring conditions on the Highland Lakes and lower Colorado River, and is prepared to begin additional floodgate operations if conditions warrant.

Visit LCRA’s “Flood Operations” report at for details of current operations and learn how LCRA operates the Highland Lakes dams to manage floodwaters.