Minors IDed as suspects in vandalism

Repairs have been made to the Bella Mar lap pool in Steiner Ranch and to the area around it after minors were caught on video vandalizing it.

Four Points News

Minors — who vandalized the lap pool in Steiner Ranch at the Bella Mar Community Center over the weekend of April 22 – 23 — have been identified.

Several individuals were recorded vandalizing the Bella Mar lap pool which was drained in late April for seasonal maintenance and repairs.

High resolution footage showed multiple individuals throwing large rocks into the empty pool and other individuals shattering pool lights with smaller rocks.

Footage captured from security cameras was shared with the Travis County Sheriff’s Office and the investigation continues.

“We identified some suspects and are still confirming their involvement and potentially identifying more suspects,” said Kristen Dark, spokesperson with Travis County Sheriff’s Office.

“All suspects are all local minors and no charges have been filed at this time,” Dark said on Friday. “That doesn’t mean charges won’t be filed.”

According to the Steiner Ranch HOA office, the case is out of the hands of the HOA and is being handled by TCSO and the court system. The HOA has been told that two individuals have been identified and that Travis County is moving forward with prosecution.

Due to the damage, the association incurred additional repair costs. The repairs are complete and the pool reopened for residents on May 1.

The HOA urges residents to report suspicious activity in the neighborhood to the Travis County Sheriff’s Office.