Apple Sales & Leasing purchases Terry Davison Auto

Scott Crossett, Terry Davison and his son, Jeremy, the new sales manager, underneath the new sign for Apple Sales & Leasing, formerly Terry Davison Auto Importers on RM 2222 near H-E-B Four Points. This is Apple’s newest location.

Four Points News

Terry Davison Auto Imports on RM 2222 near H-E-B recently sold to Apple Sales & Leasing. Apple owner Scott Crossett is excited to do business in the Four Points area, though it’s not his first time to own a dealership at that location.

Crossett and Davison have a long shared history in the auto business. Davison bought his RM 2222 location in 1995, then sold it, then Crossett bought it from that owner in 2000. Crossett then sold it back to Davison in 2002, where it became Terry Davison Auto Imports.

In addition, Crossett owned Apple Sport Imports on RM 620 N, a location he first purchased from Davison in 1998. There he sold the used cars from his business Apple Leasing, a lease facilitator.

“We were leasing lots of cars. But as the leases started maturing… I’ve got these really, really nice used cars. So I thought, why don’t I get a used car lot,” said Crossett. “That was my first business deal with Terry.”

One of Crossett’s employee partners at the time wanted the opportunity for ownership, and in December 2007 successfully purchased the Apple Sport Imports dealership from Crossett.

Now for his newest venture, the Four Points Apple Sales & Leasing lot, Crossett says there will be some positive changes. Customers will be able to purchase or lease used inventory.

“We should have a lot nicer cars up there,” explained Crossett. “We should have a lot more financing available on the cars. We will also be able to lease new automobiles out of there.”

As lease facilitators, Apple Leasing enables customers to shop for leases from multiple dealers.

“I want to get you in the best products that fit your needs,” said Crossett. “I can lease any make or model that you want. So when you come to me, you don’t have to go to the dealer anymore.”

In addition to the 50 cars that fit on the RM 2222 lot, customers will be able to shop from Crossett’s inventory of used cars at his second dealership located 13264 Research Blvd. near his leasing offices.

“The majority of the cars will be less than 50 thousand miles, one owner, nice clean cars that people can trust,” said Crossett.

Additionally customers who purchased cars from Terry Davison, can continue to expect the same service.

In fact, Davison’s son Jeremy — who has worked at the 2222 location since he was 12-years-old — will remain at Apple as the sales manager.

The marquee at the front of the lot, which has displayed messages personalized for the community for years, will continue to reflect what’s happening in Four Points. This past week, the message wished Vandegrift a great homecoming but prior to that displayed congratulations to Terry Davison and his wife Billie on their retirement.

“Thank you, Austin and the surrounding areas for the many great memories at this location. We have worked very diligently to serve the community with pride, integrity and honesty,” Terry Davison posted in a message on Facebook.

Crossett, who lives in Volente with his wife Terry, can still remember the first car he ever sold. He was 19-years-old and living in Arlington, Tex. and the car was, “an Oldsmobile Cutlass. They aren’t even around anymore.”

It was 1979 and the U.S. was experiencing a gas embargo in the wake of the Iranian Revolution. The lot where he worked wasn’t selling many cars. “But I stuck it out… I was salesman of the month when I was 19-years-old and made $6,000. I’d found my calling. Never thought I’d make that much money in my life.”

When new laws meant that car dealerships could offer their own leases instead of just banks, Crossett’s dealership got into the business, naming it Apple Leasing.

“In 1984, there was no Apple (computers),” explained Crossett with a laugh. “We were just trying to get at the front of the alphabet,” in the Yellow Pages.

After the savings and loan crisis in the late 1980s, Crossett took over ownership of the leasing business from the dealer and slowly built the successful business it is today.

Now with the addition of the RM 2222 location, Crossett looks forward to continuing Davison’s legacy of serving the Four Points area, saying, “We just want to be part of the community and offer nice cars.”