Christmas, Santa & holiday art

Mrs. and Mrs. Claus had their picture taken with Cara Campisi and her daughters Isabel and So a Saez-Campisi and husband Sergio Saez at the Breakfast with
Santa event on Dec. 9 in Steiner Ranch, hosted by the HOA.

Dear Santa,

Santa I will not tuch my elf I promis. I mad my bff Charlotte do the riet thing. And how cold is the north pol haw old are you

P.S how miny elfs do you have?

From Caroline


Dear santa on Christmas do you Have fun? I wis That I can be A elf at nite on Christmas. I realy Hope that we can meet.

Love, Kellyn

Dear Santa,

Can I have a Batman Toys and a new Bike 4 weel and a Lot Toys. how mene elvs Do you have. How old r you? Can I have too, 9?

From, Yandel


Dear Santa,

I would to go on your sled. Are you good. If not thats okay. Because i hope you bring gifts to the chidrin. And be happy And ho ho hooo!

From Aryonne


Dear Santa,

How are you today? Can I have a rock and roll guitar? And as well a fitbit? A king size stuffed animal tiger please? Is that okay with you?

From, Matthew Seal


Dear Santa,

How are you today?

How are the elfs?

I would like tom shoes. Are you fin? I have my Stocking!

Love, Addi


Dear Santa,

You must be busy makeing All The Toys santa, I Bet it is a lot of work I mean a lots of work!

From Henry


Dear Santa,

I missed you all year. I’ve been so glad that it is christmas. I really want a tramlean for christmas. I want every single colors of markers too.

From Madeline


Dear Santa,

I know you are bizee but can you can come to my aprmint. I would like you to bring me beyblades because my dad and me battle.

Love Sanjay


Dear Santa,

During the holiday…I would like you to… bring me a bike… because my bike is woky and I don’t like like brlbe and the weels are allways puped out.

Your friend Priyah


Dear Santa,

Christmas mearnsto me Fres and Family I wot a bike for Christmas beekus my bike brok Love Maggie to Santa


Dear Santa,

During this holiday…I put up Deckrraishins… I would like you to bring me the… rinoe Fire…because…I like NRF Guns… you are the Best…love your friend Gage…


Dear Santa,

Santa how is everything Good? How does the snow feel? I woul like a lego police station.

Love Jordy

P.S. Please write me back.


Dear Santa,

I hope that you having fun riding your sleigh

I would love Cuddes the cat What type of cookies are your favorite

Merry Christmas!

Love Nikki


Dear Santa,

How are you doing? I bet you are very. Busy I wowd like a puppy. I would Shopkins. I wowd like a Lego frieds.

Love Siya.

Dear Santa,

Santa and Mrs. claus,

I hope you are having snow. I would love to get a diary for Christmas. Merry christmas!

Love, Haleah


Dear Santa,

Dear Santa Do you have a favorite reindeer? And Santa thank you for making kids happy! Today I will love to have some new books.

Love, Maya

Grant Teodecki at RRE with winter art.

Reindeer art by River Place Elementary students.

Gingerbread art at River Place Elementary.

Ella Johnson and Katie Liu show their winter artwork at RRE.

Cate Levine, Annelise Miller, and Jaedyn Rivera show their art at RRE.

Ariana Ghebremicael wasn’t too sure she wanted to talk to
Mrs. Claus and meeting Santa.

One for each knee! The Banse brothers had their picture
taken with Santa.

Isabel Sullivan enjoyed the festivities with her son Ashton and husband Chris. This was their
fi rst time to attend Breakfast with Santa.

Logan Roberts shows his colorful Christmas tree art at
River Ridge Elementary.