Happy New Year

What are your New Year’s Resolutions?

Tripp Weigelt, River Ridge Elementary
Go on more Mobile Loaves and Fishes
trips, no more sodas (that’s going to be hard), try to keep my dog out of trouble, stop picking favorites in my family, helping my sister with her homework more, and trying to teach my sister not to use the same words like “like” all the time.

Nicholas Snead , River Ridge Elementary
My New Year’s Resolution is to get better grades, and stop getting into fights with my sister especially since she’s the older one.

Hannah Farrell, River Ridge Elementary
Be a little kinder and get better grades.

Laurel Brown, River Ridge Elementary
Try to get my backhand spring in gymnastics, try to help train my new dog more, help with the dishes and try not to bug my sister.

Jackson Waugh, River Ridge Elementary
To make new friends in London during our stay and try to stop fighting with my brother

Sydney Sims, River Ridge Elementary
Probably read two chapter books a month, for me and my brother to try to stop fighting (that’s going to be very hard), to give more gifts, and to help my mom (a RRE teacher) more in the classroom.

Mia McIntosh, River Ridge Elementary
Meeting new friends in Norway at the international school.
Seeing my nana and my mom’s best military friends. I know I’ll have to wear lots of layers, there will be lots of snow. I’ll have to watch out for my white dog Lulu, I don’t want to lose her in the snow

Lyla Louden, River Ridge Elementary
Be nice to my brother and get good grades







Curtis Chui shows his winter art at River Ridge

Fourth grader River Ridge Elementary student stands in
front of his winter artwork.

Lynleigh Schutte, River Ridge Elementary 4th grader, shares her winter artwork.