YMSL chapters hear “When Sean Speaks”

Three, local Young Men’s Service League chapters heard the presentation “When Sean Speaks” earlier this month about the dangers of drunk driving.

Sean Carter’s life was devastated in Wichita Falls, Tex., during the wee hours of March 27, 2005. He was a student at Midwestern State University majoring in business administration when he decided to take a ride in a truck driven by a college friend who was drunk. The truck spun and slammed into a tree and Sean suffered multiple fractures, internal injuries, and a traumatic brain injury.

Although he cannot talk and has only some mobility in his extremities, Sean continues to make progress. He suffers no obvious cognitive deficits. Sean has immediate rapport with everyone he meets. People are drawn to Sean’s radiant smile, his quick wit, and his power to communicate.

“When Sean Speaks” is a presentation by Sean and his mom, Jenny, to share their message about the effects drinking and driving. They’ve been sharing this message since 2007.

The Four Points Young Men’s Service League hosted the Viper and Hill Country YMSL chapters to hear the presentation “When Sean Speaks” on Jan. 7. More than 330 YMSL members attended.

“To witness Sean being able to bring his message to us is remarkable, it seems that fate played a hand in his life and Sean’s purpose was made known through this tragic accident,” said Dana Schwent, president, YMSL Four Points.

“Just like our boys, Sean had everything ahead of him in life with hopes and dreams and was living in the moment,” Schwent said. “I hope that the boys identified with Sean and were impacted in a way to tell their friends about Sean, to make them think twice and most importantly to not drink and drive, not to text and drive, not to get into a car when the driver has been drinking.”