Warrior basketball player makes first basket

Jack Mudlauff, a Laura W. Bush Elementary fourth grader with Down Syndrome, brought cheers from everyone after he made his first basket during a Neighborhood Sports basketball game on Feb. 10.

Video captured the moment when Jack, in his Warriors uniform, dribbled the basketball through the other players. He shot the ball up and it went through the hoop. The coaches, referees and all of the players from both sides applauded Jack immediately.

“I’ve never seen anyone smile as big as Jack when he scored his basket,” said Ethan Ha, teammate. “We all ran down the court and cheered for him. It was a great moment!”

“It was epic,” said Sara Srncik, parent. “Teams on both sides went crazy and it was the best display of team sportsmanship seen in a long time.”

KVUE interviewed the team last week.

Coach Layne Srncik also puts Jack’s first basket into perspective.

“It’s incredible to see the huge impact a simple layup can have on teammates, coaches referees and fans,” he said.

Ryder Atwood has good things to say about his teammate. “Jack is joyful and funny and has become a really good friend. We love him and he is so much fun to be around.”