Triplets earn Eagle Scouts

Steiner Ranch triplets Sam, Jack and Luke Webb completed their Eagle Scout rank with two days to spare.

By MADISON PHARIS, Four Points News

The path to complete the Eagle Scout rank in Boy Scouts of America is a long one with only about 4 percent of scouts reaching this accomplishment. Vandegrift seniors Sam, Jack and Luke Webb managed to complete theirs within two days of their 18th birthday, which is the deadline for Eagle Scout completion.

“I don’t think they’ll realize until they’re a little older what this is all about,” said Marilou Webb, their mother, who says they were down to the wire to get this completed.

The boys have basically been done with everything for the past three years — all they needed to do was fill out their Eagle paperwork, which took a herculean effort on my part to give them a little parent push,” she said.

“We took a break there for a little bit, but we pulled it off in the end,” Luke said.

The boys were successful. Eagle Scouts must earn a minimum of 21 merit badges in areas ranging from personal fitness to cooking. This is in addition to the service project also required of the Eagle rank. Their efforts were focused on the Brookwood Community in Georgetown, which they gave assistance to in renovating.

The community offers a cafe and gift shop that allows the special needs residents to create and sell crafts they make by hand.

Jack gathered together a group of boys to haul off large racks from a recently closed down bakery so that they could clean and make them presentable to use at Brookwood. Each shelf had to be disassembled first to place on the truck and then scrubbed clean of the grease that coated them. Even with his brother and others helping, the endeavor took up most of the day before they could be placed into their new building.

Luke ran into a small hurdle when the idea for his project, to stain the shelves of one of the new facilities, had already been completed by another organisation. Instead he and Sam worked together to make over 400 clay tiles for the cafe which they did entirely by hand over several Saturdays. The final touch of glazing was done after the tiles were fired.

Despite cutting their deadline very close to their Oct. 9 birthday, the boys all three stood together to receive their ranks as Eagle Scouts, an accomplish their mother and troop are proud of.