Pumpkins with Dad

(LR) Alejandro Madrid with triplets Lorenza, Bernardo and Cristobal and grandparents Fernando and Patricia
Parodi, visiting from Peru.

“Pumpkins with Dad” at Steiner Ranch Elementary got kindergarteners in the spirit of the season while learning on Friday, Oct. 26.

Todd Gaines helped daughter Emily carve her pumpkin complete with a smile and heart-shaped cheeks. Their assignment was to measure and weigh their pumpkin and get its circumference, and count 20 seeds.

“It’s a great opportunity for dads to come in and spend time with their kids,” Todd Gaines said.

Laura Elorreaga, SRE teacher, agrees. “It’s fun to see how creative they get.”

Photos by Lynette Haaland

Celso and Marco Reyes

Sergio and Jimena Inzunza

Wade, Bethany and Evie Brown

Emily and Todd Gaines

Saeed and Zayn Ahmed

Kaia West carving pumpkin

Lorenza and Bernardo Madrid with grandfather Fernando Parodi