Gas leak affects Steiner

On Oct. 30, a contractor hit a gas line trying to even out the road on Golden Gate Park in Steiner Ranch and the accident displaced families for days.

Some 15 households were evacuated on Tuesday and could not go back into their homes.

The families had to pack quickly including Halloween costumes. They were told by Texas Gas Service to keep their receipts for reimbursements.About eight families stayed in the Residence Inn and some at the Lakeway Holiday Inn.

The street was blocked off and by Sunday afternoon, Golden Gate Park was still closed to traffic.

Texas Gas had workers on the scene 24 hours a day to monitor the situation. The gas company also dug holes through the pavement and into the ground to vent the ground and release the gas.

Someone recorded the gas leak showing it spraying into the air before crews could fix the leak.

Doug Burkott told KXAN that his “electronic keypad apparently could cause a spark which could ignite the gas.”

Burkott shared with KXAN news on Friday that he was concerned about the safety of his home and if gas could seep in and somehow be trapped.

“Can gas stay in the ground not measured and then espace into a house, or can gas be in the walls and can it be in the attics of all of these homes,” Burkott told KXAN. “So how safe are we long term?”

Texas Gas Service officials said that crews will use special gas reading equipment to make sure there is no gas left in the homes or around them before residents are allowed to return.