Local youth in Lake Austin on “America’s Funniest Videos”

Seth Priebe (left), a River Ridge Elementary student, entertained family and friends by jumping into muddy Lake Austin in January 2017. His mom shared a video which ended up airing on “America’s Funniest Home Videos” this month. Neighbor Parker White-McArdle was with him on the diving board two years ago.

By LYNETTE HAALAND, Four Points News

Two years ago, Seth Priebe decided to go “mudding” in Lake Austin like he always does when the water is lowered. His mom, Shelly, took photos and videos as she always does.

A friend of the family said she couldn’t stop watching the entertaining video and submitted it to “America’s Funniest Home Videos”. It was selected and the video ran a few weeks ago on Sunday, Jan. 6.

“My kids have always celebrated when LCRA lowers the lake,” Shelly said. She and her husband, Chuck, have lived in the same home on Lake Austin since 1987. Their children Megan, 24, Maria, 21, Simone, 18, and Seth, 11 have all played in the Lake Austin mud over the years.

“Boys get muddier than girls,” said Shelly Priebe. This photo was taken at Lake Austin around 2005 shows the Priebe sisters and a playmate.

“Nothing like good, old fashioned fun of playing in the goopy mud and searching for ‘treasures’ lost in the lake. Seth took that fun next level with his antics of jumping off the diving board into the mud,” she said.

Shelly shot the video on Jan. 15, 2017 and sent it to a few friends.

“I thought it was amusing, but others told me they couldn’t stop watching it,” she added.

The Teodecki family loved it and watched over and over when she first texted it to them.

Christi Mueck, who was also Seth’s nanny for many years when he was younger, also was enamoured by the video. She took the lead in submitting it to “America’s Funniest Home Videos”.

Priebe, now a River Ridge Elementary 5th grader, was excited to watch the video air on ABC network television on Jan. 6.

“It was a hoot! We had a viewing party at our house,” Shelly said.

Attendees included neighbors, the former nanny, school friends, older siblings and their friends, one was an over the top AFV fan so that made it super fun, Shelly added.

Seth’s “America’s Funniest Home Videos” prize t-shirt came in recently.

“Not quite as good as the $10,000 prize but still pretty exciting,” Shelly said with a smile.

Chuck and Shelly Priebe have lived in the same home on Lake Austin since 1987. Their children (L-R) Seth, Simone, Maria and Megan have all gotten muddy in Lake Austin over the years.

Two years ago Seth Priebe, doing a mud dab, enjoyed playing in the lake bed of Lake Austin when it was lowered so homeowners on the lake could fix docks and do maintenance.