Palo Verde bringing shops, offices, eateries to Steiner & Quinlan

The first phase of Palo Verde at Steiner Ranch will be a two-story, 34,000-square-foot retail and office site with restaurants on 8-acres at Steiner Ranch Boulevard and Quinlan Park Road. LEVY ARCHITECTS

By LYNETTE HAALAND, Four Points News

Clearing is taking place at an 8-acre commercial site at Steiner Ranch Boulevard and N. Quinlan Park Road. A two-story, 34,000-square-foot retail building is expected to be complete in 2020 bringing offices, eateries and shops.

“Signs went up this week,” said Wes Babb, senior vice president with Weitzman and a resident of River Place. He will be handling marketing and leasing for the development project. “We just literally started marketing.”

The 3810 N. Quinlan Park Rd. site has space for some eight retail units including retail on the lower floor and office space on the second level. It will have two restaurant spaces on the second level with covered patios. “The restaurant sizes will be determined by demand,” Babb said.  

There will also be options for coffee and sandwich type offerings on the lower, first floor. There will be exterior seating in the plaza for tenants to host outdoor events or to relax.

The project is named after the palo verde tree which is native to Texas and blooms with yellow flower clusters. The logo features an organic silhouette of the tree.

Palo Verde plans include two driveways off of Quinlan Park Road, one will be a continuation of Portobella Drive and the second will be closer to the intersection at Steiner Ranch Boulevard.

Babb said it will be similar to how Davenport Village is built within a steep terrain. Palo Verde will have its second level at grade level on one side. “The front door of the second level will be at the west toward the lake,” he said.

This parcel has been designated as a commercial site in the community’s master plans. A site development permit was issued on the land in the spring of 2017, according to an earlier report by Four Points News.  

Site plans were approved for 55,000-square-feet, Babb said. Current work is the first phase and two smaller pad sites are expected to be built in the future: one at approximately 10,000-square-feet and the other at some 4,800-squarefeet.

Levy Architects is designing the project.

The development partnership is in the works and at this point there is not a project estimate given as all of the costs are not finalized yet, Babb said.

There has been some interest in space already at Palo Verde, he added. “We expect it to be complete sometime in 2020.”

The project is named after the palo verde tree which is native to Texas and blooms with yellow flower clusters.