Concrete safety barriers going in along RM 620 curves

Texas Department of Transportation plans to start putting in concrete barriers on July 28 in four strategic locations along RM 620 between Mansfield Dam and RM 2222. Map courtesy of TxDOT

By LYNETTE HAALAND, Four Points News
Texas Department of Transportation is soon to start a half million dollar project along RM 620 as it will add concrete safety barriers in four curved areas of the roadway between Mansfield Dam and RM 2222.

The project is expected to start Sunday, July 28 and will cost $556,062.

“The goal for the project is to increase safety by preventing drivers from crossing into oncoming traffic at specific curves that have experienced a higher number of collisions,” said Bradley Wheelis, spokesperson with TxDOT. 

Population growth and housing developments along RM 620 in the Four Points area have contributed to increased traffic on local roads. 

“Higher traffic volumes and faster operating speeds, coupled with challenging topography have resulted in safety concerns,” Wheelis stated. 

TxDOT has developed this plan for enhancements and will install center-median concrete barriers in the four strategic locations. Placement will not interfere with access to existing intersections and driveways, Wheelis added.

The project went out to bid in April and the contractor is the Dan Williams Co. The barrier project is expected to be complete this summer.