Hill Country Bible Church opens after a year+ of construction

Hill Country Bible Church Steiner Ranch hosted its grand opening celebration on Sept. 8 to a packed auditorium. Construction on the new building at the 30-acre site at 4310 N Quinlan Park Rd. took just over a year. JOYCE KANG PHOTOGRAPHY

By LYNETTE HAALAND, Four Points News

Hill Country Bible Church moved into its new church building on the hilltop near the main entrance of Steiner Ranch a couple of weeks ago. This is the culmination of many years of dedication and planning for the church, which had been meeting remotely for a decade at Laura W. Bush Elementary. HCBC Steiner has around 300 members not including hundreds more who visit each week.

The local campus is part of the larger Hill Country Bible Church at Lakeline. HCBC has other campuses and church plants throughout Austin and beyond. 

Groundbreaking for the Steiner church on its 30-acre site was July 29, 2018 

and construction took just over one year to complete. The $8 million project created a state-of-the-art facility and campus, and HCBC is opening its doors to the community, creating an asset for all.

Josh Howard, HCBC Steiner campus pastor, shares his thoughts in a Q&A about this momentous time in the church’s history.

1) Share what this milestone means to you, to the local HCBC congregation and to the community?

This is a special moment for us on so many levels! For our church, this is an opportunity for us to celebrate how good God has been to us over these past ten years. We started in Steiner Ranch with the Four Points and Lakeway community in mind and by building a church in Steiner Ranch, it is our hope that it makes church even more accessible for people who do not yet have a church.

2) Remind us how long this has been in the works? 

Five years ago the land was purchased, 2.5 years ago we began raising the money and it took about 1-year to complete the building from when we broke ground

3) What is the goal and/or mission with the new HCBC building?

Our goal for this space is that it is a tool that helps us to saturate our community with the love of Jesus. Whether someone attends our worship services on the weekend or not, we want this to be a space where people can come and find rest, meaning, and hope no matter what their background.

4) Any challenges to get where you are today with the new building?

An amazing challenge that we were able to overcome thanks to the quality of people who attend HCBC was being a portable church for almost ten-years. Every Sunday, a team of people volunteered their time to load and unload multiple trailers. This allowed us to meet as a church in an elementary school. Without this labor of love, we would not have survived in Steiner Ranch; but because these people gave so sacrificially of their time, we are where we are today.

5) What is the square footage and some highlights of the building? 

The 25,000-square-foot building has a state of the art auditorium, a designated area for children and students, and a lobby with free wifi that will be open on weekdays for the public to come and work remotely or gather with old and new friends. Plus a playground that overlooks Lake Travis!

6) Service hours and new address?

4310 N Quinlan Park Road

Austin, TX 78732

Sunday services at 9 and 10:45 a.m. and 6 p.m. 

Joyce Kang Photography