Four Points’ ZIP codes among wealthiest in Austin

By CASSIE MCKEE, Four Points News

While the downtown Austin zip code of 78701 now holds the top spot as the wealthiest zip code in Austin, two Four Points zip codes are not far behind.

According to 5-year data from the U.S. Census’ 2017 American Community Survey, the downtown 78701 zip code had a median family income of $209,515. Westlake’s 78746 zip code held the second place with a median family income of $191,342.

The 78730 zip, which includes River Place, had the third highest income in the Austin area, with a median family income of $175,185. The 78732 zip code, which includes Steiner Ranch, had a median family income of $164,183.

Median family income is usually seen as a reliable indicator of wealth, according to Austin city demographer Ryan Robinson. It includes all working members of a family, including college students and young professionals who live with their parents. Unlike median household income data, It does not include single person households.

So what is drawing high earning families to the area? Many say one of the biggest draws is the high-quality schools.

“Vandegrift and the Four Points feeder schools provide an unparalleled public school experience and value that rivals even the most exclusive private schools,” said Vandegrift High School Principal Charlie Little. “With the addition of our AP Capstone and International Baccalaureate Diploma program, we truly o er an attractive option for our parents looking for a high quality for our domestic and international moveins.”

Rhonda Durrill, a realtor with Avalar Real Estate, agreed that the schools are the biggest draw for her out-of-town clients. She said most people moving to the area have already done their homework and checked out the academics, athletics and all the extras VHS provides. She said while the schools draw her clients to the area, it is the natural beauty of the hills, lakes and greenspace that seals the deal for them.

“They are wowed by the beauty of the area,” Durrill said. “I think those living here get used to the surroundings, but newcomers from around the country are blown away. Even my California buyers are in awe because they don’t realize Texas can look like this. I love the reactions my clients get when driving down 620 from 2222 to Quinlan the first time. It is priceless.