WCID 17 to upgrade waterline along Quinlan to meet the demands of more residents

By LYNETTE HAALAND, Four Points News

Travis County Water Control and Improvement District 17 is in the design phase of a $4,380,000 investment in the future of Steiner Ranch. The water line upgrade will run along Quinlan Park Road from University Club Drive to just north of River Ridge Elementary, and will help protect the community.

“This project is critical to ensuring the long term viability of the Steiner Ranch system,” said Jason Homan, WCID 17 general manager. “Specifically, with the increased density in south Steiner, we are seeing a future need for water capacity and fire flow protection that is larger than that planned for during initial design 20+ years ago.” 

Jason Homan, WCID 17 general manager

“This project will ensure all portions of Steiner Ranch continue to be protected by full fire flow under all conditions and after all tracts in the area are developed,” Homan said. 

Water capacity is now achieved by relying upon a system interconnect across Lake Austin. “Should there ever be a significant issue with the Mansfield Dam, this line would be endangered and thus the system would as well,” Homan said.

The district anticipates a 14 month water line construction schedule that will commence in April of 2021 and be completed in May of 2022.

In March, WCID 17 surveyed Quinlan Park in preparation for the planned design of a water line improvement project. 

The district has had many questions concerning marked trees along the route, Homan said. 

“This is a normal process and a requirement prior to conducting any municipal construction project. The trees are being specifically marked to help us ensure they are avoided and whenever possible preserved,” Homan said. “The surveyor’s work will be invaluable as we ensure the best possible route to minimize disturbance along Quinlan Park Road.”

This major water line project will help with another of the district’s long term plans: Making the Steiner/Comanche Trail areas independent of the rest of WCID 17 from an operational standpoint, Homan added.

Additionally there will be a new water storage tank placed at the Steiner Ranch maintenance facility; it will be identical in appearance to the existing tanks except slightly smaller, he said. The water tank installation will take place in approximately 2026 with a value of approximately $1,520,000.   

WCID 17 plans to host a town hall presentation in the late summer or early fall for any concerned residents who will wish to participate.  

“This is a multimillion dollar investment by the district that will help to ensure the safe and reliable supply of potable water to the Steiner and Comanche Trail areas for decades to come,” Homan said.