Travis County voter results for important races in Four Points

Blue county in a red state: The majority of Travis County voters voted for Democrats vs Republicans in Texas in the 2020 general election. Map by Texas Tribune

By LYNETTE HAALAND, Four Points News

Just over 70% of registered voters in Travis County cast their ballots in the 2020 General Election equating to 607,354 out of 862,163 voters. Election results show that Travis County is one of the most blue counties in a state that is mostly red.

In the U.S. Presidential race, Travis County voters voted 26% for incumbent Donald Trump and 71% for challenger Joseph Biden. Biden received more votes in Travis County than any other county in Texas. Overall, Texans voted 52% for Trump and 46% for Biden.

Statewide in the U.S. Senate race, incumbent John Cornyn – R won 54% of the votes compared to 44% of Mary “MJ” Hegar – D. In Travis County, Cornyn earned 29% vs Hegar’s 68%.

Statewide in the U.S. House District 25 race, incumbent Roger Williams – R garnered 56% of the vote while Julie Oliver – D got 42%. In Travis County, Williams got 37% vs Oliver’s 61%.

Texas House District 47 was won by incumbent Vikki Goodwin – D by a narrow margin over challenger Justin Berry – R, 49% to 48%.

Two Austin City Council races are heading to runoffs in December and both represent parts of Four Points. 

District 6 incumbent Jimmy Flannigan – D had 38% of the votes and faces runoff challenger Mackenzie Kelly – R who had 36%.

District 10 incumbent Alison Alter received 34% of the vote and now faces a runoff challenger Jennifer Virden who had 25%.

Leander ISD Board of Trustees Place 3’s Christine Mauer won by 53% of the vote while Chris Remy 37%. Place 4’s Anna Smith garnered 64% of the vote vs Jeff Johnson’s 36%. 

In the Village of Volente, Dan Thost received 63% of the vote compared to 38% of Jana Nace. Kit Hopkins with 28% of the votes and Kristin Ruff with 31% earned the most votes for the two open seats on the Village of Volente Council.