LISD explores GPA, class rank changes starting for 2025

The Leander ISD Board of Trustees explored changes to the district policy regarding grading point average and class rank at their Nov. 19 meeting.  

Changes could be coming in how the district considers Grade Point Average (GPA) and establishes class rank, which will allow students to take more courses in which they are interested.

A recommendation from a community committee proposed changes for students entering the ninth grade during the 2021–22 (class of 2025) school year and beyond. The committee recommended the following updates to board policy EIC (Local). 

Courses included in the calculation of the weighted GPA will include up to eight semesters in each of the four core areas of English, mathematics, science and social studies and up to four semesters of languages other than English.

The district will report class rank for the top 10% of students in each class. Each class will be notified of the lowest weighted GPA for the top 10% as well as the first, second and third quartiles. 

Students who participate in activities including athletics, fine arts, or four year Career & Technical Education programs of study will have the opportunity to continue to participate in the programs without the concern that their GPA and class rank will be impacted by taking an unweighted course. These students will have the opportunity to remain competitive for top 10% and recognition as the valedictorian and salutatorian recognition. 

A committee of board members, students, teachers, parents, counselors and administrators considered student choice, the whole child and a well-rounded graduate as the guiding principles in recommending the policy change.

“This gives our students flexibility,” Trustee Aaron Johnson said. “Those who are chasing class rank and GPA can continue to do so, but have some added flexibility to do other things that help them feel engaged and involved on their campus.” 

The board could vote to adopt the policy change at its Dec. 17 meeting.

In addition to the GPA and class rank discussion, Trustees welcomed two newly elected Board members to the dais, Christine Mauer (Place 3) and Anna Smith (Place 4). In addition, Trustee Jim MacKay was sworn in for his second term in office at the Nov. 19 meeting. It also approved an $800 Personal Protective Equipment stipend for all employees to cover expenses incurred during the pandemic.

Leander ISD published this update in its Board Briefs on Nov. 20.