Austin Mayor Adler doesn’t want Gov. Abbott to change the mask rules at this time

From a press release from the desk of Mayor Steve Adler at 3:16 pm. March 2, 2021:

Today, Governor Greg Abbott announced he was ending the statewide mask mandate, an idea first adopted by local and county officials as one of the most effective safety protocols to slowing down the spread of the COVID-19 virus.

Mayor Steve Adler issued the following statement:

“Wearing a face mask while in public or within closed spaces remains one
of the most effective, proactive measures anyone can take to reduce the
spread of the COVID-19 virus according to the US Center for Disease

“We as a state should be guided by science and data, which says we should
keep the mask mandate. Too much is at stake to compromise the positive
outcomes we have seen with over-confidence. Our priorities should
continue to focus on the further opening of schools and businesses, but we
must do everything we can to ensure the success of those two goals.”

“While hospitalizations in the Austin-area continue to decline, the number
of vaccinations is not where it needs to be.”

“I, along with the Mayors from Houston, Dallas and San Antonio are calling
upon the Governor not to create any ambiguity or uncertainty about the
importance of wearing a mask by changing the rules at this time.”