Four auto theft cases reported in Four Points recently

By LYNETTE HAALAND, Four Points News

Four cases of auto theft were reported recently in Four Points including three off RM 2222 (see below), and one in the 9500 block of Big View Drive in River Place on July 29. 

Elisa Will posted on Nextdoor: “Not the smartest decision but we left the key in one of our vehicles (we had a different vehicle parked behind and beside it) and someone was able to maneuver it out of the driveway through our neighbor’s yard.” 

The vehicle was located through GPS and Will said “it was in a pretty rough neighborhood.”

“We did get it back and not much damage. No arrest made. They did leave a Whataburger cup so DNA was collected as well as fingerprints,” Will said. 

“We are new to River Place and I guess felt like it was safe. Just wanted to share so you are aware that people are definitely looking for opportunities out here,” Will said. “Will be more cautious moving forward.”