Legacies post stellar results at MA Dance Classic

On February 12, the Legacies Dance Team competed at the MA Dance Classic held at Westwood HS with some of the strongest high school teams in the Austin area. Throughout the day the dancers competed in the XLarge Team, XLarge Dance Officer, Large Ensemble, Small Ensemble, Trio, and Solo Divisions, as well as the Overall Team & Officer competition. The Legacies were successful in each of these divisions earning the following awards:

Solo Division (out of 100 solo entries in 15-16 year-old)

  1st place – Madi Howard 

  4th place Avery Clevlen 

Trio Division (in 17-18 year-old)

1st place – Annabel Hughes, Danielle Hughes & Elle Quintos

Small Ensemble

3rd place – Social Officers   

Large Ensemble 

2nd place  – Jazz Company  

XLarge Dance Officers Division

1st place

3rd place overall

XLarge Team Division

1st place 

2nd place overall

Legacies Dance Team members:

Tierney Becker, Annabel Hughes, Fiona Runhaar,* Brooke Blakeney, Danielle Hughes, Emma Schumann, Isabel Cargol,* Varsha Kumar, Morgan Seal (Social Officer), Scout Carpenter (Social Officer), Cezanne Lambert, Emma Sheneman* (Dance Officer), Anya Chawla, Avery Lewis, Sydnee Stendara (Social Officer), Avery Clevlen,* Hannah Liechty, Elke Strenk,* Taylor Ellis, Sloan Lindemann* (Dance Officer), Ashley Tedeschi, Ryan Elmer,* Abi Lyons* (Dance Officer), Julia Vessels,

Maggie Erdman, Santana Moreno, Lizzie Vezzetti* (Dance Officer), Emma Eslick* (Social Officer), Jordan Mushtaler, Blakely Vollmer, Sophie Fennell,* Nora Neville (Social Officer), Avery Williams* (Dance Officer), Abby Garrison (Social Officer), Megan Neumann


Sofiya Grek (Social Officer), Karena Pan, Audrey Brink, Carley Hamrick,* Rachel Panoff, Mia Gates, Lily Haney, Elle Quintos, Elizabeth Johnson, Lauryn Hoover,* Naiya Rajashekar, Madi Howard,* Ella Reeves* (Dance Officer), 

* Jazz Company dancers

Honor Guards: 

Itbaan Alam, Justin Busker, Diego Camargo, Will Lyons, Kayan Reddy, Samuel Solano, Ryan Tin