Vipers perform “The Glove Thief ” one-act play

Setting: Tutbury and Whitehall Palace, England, February 1569

Cast (in order of appearance)

Rose 2 – Erin Seitzler

Rose 1 – Savanna Blau

Mary 2 – Kate Mattox

Waiting Lady 1/Villager – Haley Sekel

Bess 2/Villager – Tiffany Lor

Lord Walsingham – Matthew Taylor

Bess 1, Countess of Shrewsbury – Maurya Oruganti

Cecily – Rachel Zook

Waiting Lady 2/Villager – Emerson Hartman

The Earl of Huntingdon/Villager – Izzy Talu

Mary Livingston – Emily Geraci

Mary Seaton – Raine Collier

Mary 1 – Ainsley Gilbert

John Lesley, The Bishop Ross – Nick Remy

George Talbot, Earl of Shrewsbury – Graham Korensky

Elizabeth I, Queen of England – Ashley Benedict 

Thomas, Duke of Norfolk – Wesley Jackson

Directors: Celeste Schneider, Jeff Davis, Jon Alonso

Alternates: Mia Singh, Cameron Smoot, Sophie Foerst, Divya Parameshwar

Crew: Beth Eden, Brayson Heath, Brooke Dickerson

Photos by Dayna Ung  

After what we have gone through the past two years, I will never take live theatre for granted again. The opportunity to bring this show to life, from reading it by the pool last summer, to cutting it down to 40 minutes, to seeing the beauty of the show on stage performed by these amazing young actors is really something wonderful to experience. 

This specific group of students is a special one. I have taught some of the seniors when they were in sixth grade at FPMS. They are a group of warm, compassionate, beautiful souls that happen to be teenagers as well. Their calm in the face of pressure, grit in the face of hardship and genuine love and care for one another makes this show magical. 

We took a risk combining a period play set in the late 1500’s with Metallica but it worked, and I was so happy to see that the audience and judges appreciated our risk. I am grateful to have been their director and grateful for memories and art that will last a lifetime. ~ Celeste Schneider, VHS theatre director. 

Road to Bi-District UIL One-Act Play competition

March 9 Zone awards 

Best Overall Performer: Ashley Benedict

All Star Cast: Maurya Oruganti, Erin Seitzler, and Savanna Blau

Honorable Mention Cast: Rachel Zook, Matthew Taylor and Ainsley Gilbert 

Best Technician: Beth Eden 

Best Tech Crew: Beth Eden, Sophie Forest and Brooke Dickerson

March 21 District awards

Best Overall Performer: Ashley Benedict

All Star Cast: Savanna Blau, Kate Maddox

Honorable Mention Cast: Matthew Taylor

All Star Technician: Brooke Dickerson

March 24 Bi District awards

All Star Cast: Ashley Benedict 

Honorable Mention Cast: Nick Remy 

All Star Technician: Brooke Dickerson