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River Place Limited District gets push back on plans to charge for trail use, Some non district residents oppose high fees, exclusion in district vote

River Place residents Chuck Reynolds and Kate Holloway, pictured at the head of their Cortana Ridge neighborhood, oppose River Place Limited District’s decision to charge a fee for the subdivision’s trail usage. Although the couple lives in the community, their home is located outside the boundaries of the Limited District and, once the fees begin March 2, will join other outsiders in the assessment. LESLEE BASSMAN

By LESLEE BASSMAN, Four Points News

River Place residents Chuck Reynolds and Kate Holloway moved to their home in the Cortana Ridge neighborhood a couple of years ago. Reynolds said he uses the local, renowned trail at 8820 Big View Dr. about three times a week, a practice he may need to end early next month when the River Place Limited District begins charging nonmembers $10 per person and $10 per pet daily on weekends to use the trails.

Cortana Ridge, as well as other neighborhoods within the northern section of River Place — mostly north of Merrywing Circle — are not part of the Limited District that was created in May, after the city of Austin fully annexed the subdivision Dec. 15, 2017. Aside from providing solid waste services to its members, the Limited District owns and maintains the subdivisions parks and nature trail, the result of a negotiation and agreement with city officials. Continue reading