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VHS cheer wins bronze at UIL Spirit State Championship


In its second year competing as a co-ed squad, Vandegrift’s competition cheer team, under the direction of head coach Brianna Roughton and coach Rachel Hoyle, won the bronze medal at the 2020 UIL Spirit State Championship held Jan. 16 in Fort Worth. The team placed first in the Crowd Leading category, second in Fight Song and fifth in Band Dance.

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Lacrosse leads to wedding of two Vandegrift head coaches

The New Year’s Eve wedding of Luke Cometti and Alyssa Murray, both Vandegrift head lacrosse coaches, in Syracuse.

By EMILIE FENNELL, Contributor

The love of lacrosse led to the New Year’s Eve wedding of two Vandegrift head coaches. Luke Cometti and Alyssa Murray met as lacrosse standouts in college, they became head coaches in the Vandegrift lacrosse program, and then on December 31, the two celebrated their wedding in Syracuse. 

Introduced to lacrosse as small children, both grew up with the sport in their hometowns, Luke in Syracuse and Alyssa on Long Island.

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December 8 2019 Issue