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Local “art-repreneur” makes venue fostering creativity

By ERIN SEITZLER, Four Points News  

The Art Barn ATX started as a small dream Amber Arnold-Gordon didn’t even know she had in her heart, but came a reality June 2018. Gordon is an art teacher at Laura W. Bush Elementary and has twin boys and a supportive husband who all encouraged her throughout this process. About four years ago, the family moved into an older property not far off of Bullick Hollow Road near Riviera Marina. 

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HopeAustin bridges the food gap for some local families

By CYNTHIA PICKERRELL, Four Points News & Photos by ERIN LEE

Poverty, hunger and neglect are not realities often associated with affluent areas like Four Points but as HopeAustin co-founders Monica von Waaden and Zee Nariman have found that no community is immune to hunger. 

HopeAustin is a non-profit that meets the needs of hungry school children including about 80 students in the Four Points area who attend Steiner Ranch Elementary, River Place Elementary, Four Points Middle School and Vandegrift High School.

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National Signing Day at Vandegrift

Eleven athletes signed at Vandegrift on Wednesday morning: Dru Dawson (football, UAB), Trey Mongauzy (football, Drake), Ty Mongauzy (football, Drake), Thomas Fletcher (soccer UT Dallas), Danielle Lelinski (swimming, NYU), Patrick Baca (baseball, Sewanee), Patrick O’Connor (baseball, Case Western Reserve), Ryan Arnold (football, Trinity), Jax McCauley (football, West Virginia), Harry Witt (football, Rice) and Travis Rider (golf, Lubbock Christian).

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Bartender’s 9-1-1 call leads to armed bank robber arrest in Steiner

Adam Duntley, bartender at Frog & the Bull in Steiner Ranch, made a phone call to police which led to the arrest of an armed robbery suspect who pulled out a gun at the Chase Bank hours earlier. LYNETTE HAALAND


Bartender Adam Duntley called police to report a customer who looked out of place at Frog & the Bull in Steiner Ranch on Jan. 16. Little did he know the customer — who was wearing a bathrobe and sweatpants and had dried blood around his chin — pulled out a gun and demanded money nearly seven hours earlier at Chase Bank a few blocks away.   

Duntley recalled what happened in a span of less than 10 minutes last Thursday night that led to the arrest of Richard Graham, 49, of Austin.

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