Easter Bunny visits & egg hunting

Hundreds of local families participated in annual Easter parties and egg hunts over the weekend.

Steiner Ranch held its 24th annual Easter Egg Hunt on Saturday featuring the Easter Bunny and many happy children, thousands of eggs, and a petting zoo.

River Place Country Club hosted its annual Easter Party and brunch events on Sunday.

It’s a family affair this Easter with Kelly Hindelang and her sons, Grant, 11, and Paxton, 2, and with her mom Sandy Keefe and sister Heidi.

Shania Wang, 4, loved the mini llama at the petting zoo in Steiner.

Luongo brothers, Felix, 8 and Favian, 3.5, enjoyed the soft chicken at the petting zoo.

Kaizen Do, nearly 5, enjoyed the pony ride with dad, Ken, by his side.

Naomi, 3, and Esther, 1, enjoyed the Easter egg hunt and festivities with parents Jeremy and Linda in Steiner Ranch.

Will and Marisol Corredor with Liam, 5, and Lucas, 2, visit the Easter Bunny.

Dolly Boukhris with Ava, 5th grader, and Kora, 19 months, enjoy a photo with the Easter Bunny.

Mackenzie Medich, 16 months, enjoyed meeting the Easter Bunny and hunting for eggs withthe help of her parents Craig and Salintip. “She got a few eggs, trying to figure it out. She’s not being greedy yet,” Craig said.

Ryan and Lindsey Wiese pose with the Easter Bunny with Alexandra, 3, and Knox, who is a few months. “It’s the baby’s first Easter and Alexandra’s first pony ride. This year we could count to 12 eggs,” Lindsey said.

Heidi Vernier helped Evan, 3, and Savannah, 1, find out what was inside each egg after Steiner Ranch’s annual Easter Egg Hunt. “This is a great egg hunt. We’ve been to others where we end up with one egg. This time we had a good strategy.”

Karlie McCorkle, 22 months, and friend Sofia Lisunou, 2, enjoyed the egg hunt in Steiner Ranch on Saturday.

Clark Sunu, 4, and brother Calvin, 1, are very interested in the Easter eggs while mom, Cathy, grandma Insook Kim and cousin Hyunwoo Kim help them open them up. “It’s really fun,” Hyunwoo said.

Laura Englert with daughters Mackenzie (5) and Anna Cate (2)

Brendan and Aurora Nugent with sons Emerson (3) and Harry (several months)

Prat and Sive Kode with sons Leo and Ronnie.