Dads in the Hood at River Place

Dads in the Hood at Sun Tree Park in River Place was a huge hit on Saturday night.

“We had a larger turnout than last year, around 450 people attend. I’m not sure how many families camped but I would guess around 150,” said Paula Callas, who co-organized the event.

Dads In The Hood is a unique opportunity to gather with neighborhood friends and family on an overnight campout preceded by an afternoon of fun in the park.

“Dads In The Hood creates lasting memories for kids and parents alike,” Callas said.

There were many exciting activities including laser tag competitions, hamster wheel races, a rock climbing wall, obstacle courses, bounce houses, a petting zoo, a balloon artist, and a police car demo to name a few.  The Kona Ice truck will came out with a variety of ice slushies, and dinner and breakfast were also provided.  

Frank Easley with Ava (7) and Alex (5) in their tent at Dads in the Hood.

Grant Walker with Ainsley (5) and Austin Police Department officer John Gabrielson.

L-R KC Sunder, John Tran and Conner Erwin enoyed Dads in the Hood where they created their own feast of brisket, pork, beans, coleslaw, etc.

Clint Murray (right) made a pot of beans for Dads in the Hood while Dan Mohan (left) was a self-designated taster.

Kids play soccer between the tents at Dads in the Hood on Saturday in River Place.

Lee Menglong with Selena

There were games for kids of all ages at Dads in the Hood.

Shelby Denman with Abby (4)

Eric Femright and Emmerson (4.5 years)

Dads in the Hood brought many local dads together including: Chris Janisch, Rafael Rivas, Brent Werbeck, Jason Wells, and Richard Williams with Colt (16 months).

Carson Beckham with sons Luke (almost 6) and Brooks (almost 4)

“Hey batter, batter, batter. Swing.” There were games for kids of all ages at Dads in the Hood.

Hanah Bottoms and Katelyn Gage, both 7 years old.

Charlotte Allen (6) with brother Connor (3)

Marcus Hays with Emily

Christian Wilson (right) with his friend at the basketball game.

Kaia McLellan (3) with dad Jason and mom

David Cantu and Luca (3)

Rafael Hazard (5) with turtle

Grayson Mayfield (2) with dad Chris

Brandon , Eli and Brody Blaut

David Drew with Saige (4.5 years)

Carl Bischoff with daughter Madeline (10) and son Wyatt (4.5)