Vandegrift swim posts strong performance in first meet

Photos by Yvonne Wong

Vandegrift swim and dive looked strong in its first official meet of the season. Both boys and girls teams raced hard to beat Westwood 705 to 515 overall at the dual meet with Westwood in Steiner Ranch on Sept. 8.

“This shows we have a great team to be competitive in District 11 this year,”  said Genevieve Walsh, head swim and dive coach.

“The meet was a great, fun competitive way to start off this season,” said Andrew Osorio, a senior captain. “We had amazing effort in cheering on relays, even in the rain. I’m excited about the new traditions that will start with this dual meet against Westwood.”

The Vipers are looking forward to the District 11 Preview meet Thursday, Sept. 20 at Round Rock.

Sept. 8 Viper

Top 3 Finishes:

Girls 200 Medley Relay

1st Girls (Julianna, Tailyn, Julia R, Addie)

3rd Girls (Morgan, Julia Y, Tam-My, Mia)

Boys 200 Medley

2nd Boys (Kyle, Will, Hunter, Jared)

3rd Boys (Andrew, Brandon, Connor, Julian)

Girls 200 Free

1st Julianna Birlin

2nd Cammi Schaufelberger

3rd Kayla McAfee

Boys 200 Free

1st Mason Wong

Girls 200 IM

1st Julia Roberto

2nd Julia York

3rd Tam-My Nguyen

Boys 200 IM

2nd Sergio Pereira

Girls 50 Free

1st Addie Orris

3rd Mia Thompson

Boys 50 Free

1st Kevin Hammer

2nd Jared McArthur

Girls 50 Butterfly

2nd Natalie Denison

3rd Tam-My Nguyen

Boys 50 Butterfly

1st Kevin Hammer

3rd Hunter Lee

Girls 50 Backstroke

1st Avery Wong

2nd Cammi Schaufelberger

3rd Addie Orris

Boys 50 Backstroke

2nd Julian Yung

3rd Andrew Osorio

Girls 50 Breaststroke

1st Tailyn Schaufelberger

2nd Julianna Birlin

Boys 50 Breaststroke

1st Brandon Wong

2nd Sergio Pereira

3rd William Gunawan

Girls 100 Butterfly

2nd Tam-My Nguyen

3rd Julia Roberto

Boys 100 Butterfly

1st Hunter Lee

Girls 100 Freestyle

1st Addie Orris

2nd Mia Thompson

3rd Kayla McAfee

Boys 100 Freestyle

1st Kevin Hammer

3rd Andrew Osorio

Girls 500 Free

1st Cammi Schaufelberger

2nd Avery Wong

Boys 500 Free

3rd Gavin Orris

Girls 200 Free Relay

2nd (Julianna, Cammi, Tailyn, Kayla)

3rd (Carly, Sydney C, Natalie, Kelly)

Boys 200 Free Relay

1st (Jared, Mason, Hunter, Kevin)

3rd (Sergio, Karsten, Brandon, Andrew)

Girls 100 Backstroke

1st Julianna Birlin

3rd Avery Wong

Boys 100 Backstroke

2nd Karsten Olsen

3rd Kyle Sabuda

Girls 100 Breaststroke

1st Tailyn Schaufelberger

2nd Julia York

Boys 100 Breaststroke

2nd Sergio Pereira

3rd Brandon Wong

Girls 400 Free Relay

1st (Addie, Julia R, Kayla, Tailyn)

3rd (Sydney C, Pooja, Dani, Natalie)

Boys 400 Free Relay  

1st (Sergio, Julian, mason, Kevin)

Sergio Pereira.

Luke Gutierrez.

Carly Coleman.

Connor Jones.