Viper baseball working to “Cover the Cage”

By MADISON PHARIS, Four Points News

The Vandegrift Baseball Booster Club is raising money to get their batting cages at the Venom Field covered to allow practice despite the weather.

Baseball season runs from February through May and it’s during these months that Four Points sees its wettest months. As it is set up now, Vipers are unable to practice during the rain and lose out on valuable time. With players wanting to compete better at the 6A level, they need to practice even when it rains, as the other 6A teams in the district do.

“Having a place that would allow us to still get work done on bad weather days is necessary for us to reach our full potential as a ball club.” said Allen McGee, VHS head baseball coach.

As such they have organized the “Cover the Cages” capital campaign, allowing for tax-deductible donations to be made at the website.

“We cannot make this dream a reality without the financial support of our families, friends, future, current and past Viper baseball players and our Four Points community,” said Laurie Moore, VHS baseball booster president.

This has been a six-year dream for the booster club, with plans have been drawn up and going through the process of getting the project approved by LISD.

“This is a once-in-decades improvement to the facility that will benefit teams for many, many years,” Moore explained.

Those who give $500 or more will be recognized on the permanent donor wall at Venom Field. The club is hoping to raise $40,000 through Oct. 31.

Vandegrift baseball players and coaches participated in the Viper homecoming parade on Oct. 10. The VHS Baseball Booster Club is halfway to their $40,000 October goal to get their batting cages covered, an effort that started six years ago.