Wildfire Fuels Mitigation Crew keeps area safer

The Wildfire Fuels Mitigation Crew helps keep local communities safe by cutting and chipping limbs to manage potential fire fuels. LYNETTE HAALAND

By LYNETTE HAALAND, Four Points News

The Wildfire Fuels Mitigation Crew keeps the Four Points area safer.

The crew is “keeping communities safer from fire and managing potential fire fuels, and making deterrents in communities,” said Lt. Adam Griggs, fire inspector/ investigator Lake Travis Fire Rescue.

The crew works on homeowner association owned land, preserve land, and some park land, Griggs said

They have done work over the past several months in select green spaces along Comanche Trail, Steiner Ranch Boulevard, and Lime Creek Road in the Volente area.

The crew focuses on areas closer to the road meant to protect exit and entry of a community, some 30 feet from the woodline interior, Griggs said. The crew works through an area cutting and chipping the limbs.

“They remove the ladder fuels… basically the limbs up the trees to 6 foot height,” Griggs said. “This helps reduce the severity of a fire.”

The Lake Travis Fire Rescue Wildfire Fuels Mitigation Crew works on some 35 acres a season. This seasonal program is in its sixth year.