FPMS Gateway students create a foot orthosis

By LYNETTE HAALAND, Four Points News

Seventh grade Gateway students at Four Points Middle School were approached earlier this school year with the task of creating a foot orthosis for children with cerebral palsy.  

“Students had to stick to a strict budget and a limited material supply to insure that they were not wasting money or materials,” said Sherry Grace, FPMS Gateway teacher.

They were able to watch a video that walked them through the medical background of the condition along with the criteria and constraints that the foot orthosis must meet. 

Students also learned about the design process for an orthotic device that would be used for a patient with drop foot.   

Sarah Spinelli, licensed clinician from Round Rock Orthotics-Prosthetics, visited the FPMS students to share and discuss the orthotics and prosthetics field.   

Prosthetics are the artificial limbs provided to patients after they lose their limbs either by birth defect, trauma, or disease. Orthotics are the external assistive braces worn to support weak or damaged muscles to provide support and allow for easier walking or function of limbs.  

The 7th graders were engaged in the project while learning new things.