No unauthorized man found at Mansfield Dam, LCRA investigates report of unauthorized man in the tunnel of the dam this morning

Camera crews from TV stations point in the direction of Mansfield Dam around noon on Jan. 14. PIPER LABAJ

By LYNETTE HAALAND, Four Points News


An authorized person was reported to be within the dam tunnel at Mansfield Dam this morning, according to Phil Wilson, Lower Colorado River Authority general manager.

LCRA and law enforcement agencies conducted a thorough search after the call was reported just before 10 a.m. when a LCRA worker spotted someone, Wilson said.

No one was found during the extensive search. LCRA searched the dam from top to bottom with the Austin Police Department, SWAT team, and Travis County Sheriff’s Department. EMS service was at the scene.

The widespread search of the dam began after LCRA called law enforcement to help them find the “gentleman” who the LCRA employee said “ran by him.”

The area is extremely secure and trespassing is difficult, Wilson said.

Police and emergency officials were starting to clear the scene around 3 p.m.

LCRA will continue the investigation and look at surveillance video as they continue to get to the bottom of the initial report of an unauthorized man in the dam tunnel.


Lower Colorado River Authority confirms that there is an incident near Mansfield Dam at the 4400 block of RM 620. Travis County Sheriff’s deputies and the Austin Police Department are assisting LCRA.

“We are investigating a possible incident at Mansfield Dam. As we know more, we will let you know,” said Clara Tuma, LCRA spokesperson.

“LCRA is the lead agency. We are there in an assist capacity,” said Kristen Dark, Travis County Sheriff’s Office spokesperson.

Police are telling local residents that the incident is being contained and that the community is not in danger, said Piper Labaj, resident who lives near Mansfield Dam.

Just after 1 p.m. on Jan. 14, Leander ISD shared an update and email with parents of the local schools.

Dear Four Points/Steiner Ranch families,

Our first priority is always the safety and well-being of our students. We are aware of the situation involving law enforcement at Mansfield Dam. Based on conversations with the Austin Police Department and the Travis County Sheriff’s Office, our schools are completely safe and the school day is continuing as normal.

While we do not anticipate that changing, the district continues to monitor the situation and will keep you apprised of any potential changes to pick-up procedures or after-school activities. Please go to for updates.

SWAT team vehicle at Mansfield Dam around noon on Jan. 14. PIPER LABAJ