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Four Points’ ZIP codes among wealthiest in Austin

By CASSIE MCKEE, Four Points News

While the downtown Austin zip code of 78701 now holds the top spot as the wealthiest zip code in Austin, two Four Points zip codes are not far behind.

According to 5-year data from the U.S. Census’ 2017 American Community Survey, the downtown 78701 zip code had a median family income of $209,515. Westlake’s 78746 zip code held the second place with a median family income of $191,342.

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Chubbs marks 4th year delivering newspapers

Johnathon Chubbs, a local favorite, has been hand-delivering Four Points News to Steiner Ranch businesses for more than four years.

By LYNETTE HAALAND, Four Points News

Johnathon Chubbs marks his fourth year delivering Four Points News newspapers each week to businesses in Steiner Ranch. 

He is a local fixture at his “second home” at Cups & Cones where he faithfully rolls more than 40 papers to hand-deliver every week.

“He loves C&C and his Steiner Ranch family,” said Sherise Hunter, Chubbs mom. “He takes great pride in delivering the newspapers.”

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2019 on the Appalachian Trail: An unexpected feast

The start of this year’s Appalachian Trail section hike in Kent, CT.

By SARAH DOOLITTLE, Four Points News

Four years of hiking sections of the Appalachian Trail have taught me much — whether about myself, life or the trail itself — and 2019 was no exception.

This year I hiked across Connecticut and Massachusetts for a total of about 120 miles. The trail was familiar, an old friend: green, lush, bursting at the seams with lifeforms big and small. Ancient trees. Fingernail-sized frogs and fist-sized toads. Orange salamanders and striped racer snakes. Tiny black flies that like to swarm your face and land on your eyeballs.

Some features were new, such as the path itself that wended through the forest, more dirt and soft pine needles than the usual rocks that characterize the trail along previous sections I’ve hiked (Georgia, part of North Carolina, New Jersey and New York). The air, as always, smelled sweet and clean, but here I smelled too the tang of pines heated by the sun and the unmistakable Christmas smell of fir trees.

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River Place Elementary parents seek answers for bus tardiness

LISD says congestion, construction,  lack of drivers are main reasons

Savannah Bruce is greeted by her family as she gets off her school bus on Nov. 20. Four Points neighborhoods off City Park Road are reporting school bus delays of up to an hour and 20 minutes in the afternoon coming from River Place Elementary. LESLEE BASSMAN

By LESLEE BASSMAN, Four Points News

As Thanksgiving break begins and the school year is well underway, parents in the neighborhoods along City Park Road have voiced concerns about ongoing Leander ISD school bus delays.

For Westminster Glen resident Ashley Bruce, whose daughter Savannah is in the third grade at River Place Elementary School, the issue has been mounting since the semester’s start.

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