Everything Home ~ Make it “younique”

Column by SUSAN ARANT, Four Points News Contributor

Spring has sprung! For some, spring officially began on March 20. For some, spring begins when the first flowers begin to bloom. For a few of us, spring begins as soon the new color palettes are introduced. Whenever you choose to celebrate spring, it is a time for us to renew, refresh and rejuvenate – be it in our closet, our gardens or our homes.

Home style and fashion continually influence one another. Some feel overwhelmed when decorating their home, yet you can find home inspiration anywhere, including your favorite fashion trends. From flowing skirts to duvet patterns, and bejeweled tops to sequined pillows, simply understanding your preferences is the first step in finding your “younique” style.


Susan Arant

Susan Arant

Here are a few of my favorite trends for 2014:

  • Floral prints – especially on a white background, very feminine,

  • Blues – in all shades – turquoise, teal, cobalt and navy – multiple shades are being used at once,

  • Metallics – brass and copper are making a big comeback in various finishes,

  • Soft black and whites – not the harsh contrasting type but playing off the various shades of gray that have been so popular the past few years.


Use current trends to generate ideas. Trends should merely influence your personal style. There will be trends you love and want to infuse throughout your home and trends you will avoid.

Create interesting spaces by using a variety of materials, colors, patterns and textures. Layer them by adding one piece on top of another – even if they may not traditionally match or be grouped together. This takes time, so be patient.

Don’t be afraid to take risks. The key to decorating is to purchase what you love and find the right place for it in your home. You can build an entire room around a cherished piece of artwork or a handmade quilt.  The great part is, when you get bored you can move it to another room and start all over again.  Just because you have a “kitchen décor” item doesn’t mean it always stays in the kitchen. Be wild and crazy and move it to the powder room.

When updating the look of your home, think of your larger pieces – sofas, dining table, etc. as neutral canvasses on which to add your artistic display of favorite colors and patterns. Fun accent pieces, like lamps, pillows, etc. will give your room a punch of color with the least amount of expense and can be easily changed.

Remember, your best ideas come when you think outside the box. Have fun and find your “younique” style this spring!

Susan Arant is a Four Points resident and part of the Gene Arant Real Estate Team Keller Williams Realty.