Outstanding students recognize educators at LEEF’s STAR

Vandegrift seniors recognize educators who made a difference. L-R Barclay Bull, dance director Holly Lyons, Alex Martin, psychology teacher Christopher Lindsay, Sebastian Garza, administrative assistant Maureen Sanders, Yaiika Fernandez, Charlie Little, principal, counselor Lori Quick. Dahyeok Jang Career Technical Education teacher Jodi Jacobsen.

The Student Teacher Academic Recognition banquet recognizes outstanding seniors from each of Leander ISD’s high schools and gives them the opportunity to recognize the teacher or school staffer who most influential in their academic careers.

The LEEF STAR banquet was held April 24 at the Austin Baptist Church honoring 27 LISD seniors and educators, including 10 at Vandegrift.

Alex Martin recognized VHS psychology teacher Christopher Lindsay:

Mr. Lindsay, indirectly, has provided a great example of what doing what you love can be your job. He demonstrates what the ideal teacher should look like… and always improves, and he strives to help his students improve as well. He developed his lesson plan around keeping the information interesting and relevant, and made methods to help us remember different terms. I want to, in whatever field I end up pursuing, do it like he does.

Barclay Bull recognized VHS dance director Holly Lyons:

Mrs. Lyons commitment to her students is unmatched. The lessons I have learned from her, through her guidance and advice, have made a better leader, student, dancer, and human being. She has helped me prepare for the next steps in my life… just by sharing her experiences and imparting her wisdom. After spending three years under her wing, I am a much more confident and independent student and person, capable and ready to take on the next steps in my life.

Dahyeok Jang recognized VHS career technical education – interior design teacher Jodi Jacobsen:

She affected me to get an experience to compete in FCCLA interior design subject, (she) always helps me to improve, develop my design and gives great advice and references to help me. She understand my own personal design concept, (and) always listen to me. I decided to go study architecture in college because she affected in my life.

Yaiika Fernandez recognized VHS counselor Lori Quick:  

Ms. Quick has always made the effort to help my transition from Boston as easy as possible. While adjusting to Vandegrift, she had the best interests at heart. She would always invite me to eat lunch in her office while she finished work. Over time, these small actions and efforts meant the world to me. Ms. Quick truly made the effort to guide me through a difficult time in my life. Even though she had other students to worry about, she had always focused on my well being.

Sebastian Garza recognized Maureen Sanders, VHS administrative assistant:

The reason why I have chose Mrs.Sanders is because she is a wonderful person to be around she always finds a way to cheer you up in any way. She has really helped me better myself as a person throughout my high school career. She has impacted my academic career by always pressuring me to do better and succeed in anything that I do. She’s always been there for me and I can rely on her anytime. Mrs. Sanders has had a great impact on my life I will be forever grateful for her guidance and support.